Anthony A Virella, MD: Caring for Neck Pain

Anthony A. Virella, M.D., is a seasoned neurosurgeon and an expert in minimally invasive spine surgery. He helps patients lead pain-free lives, alleviating neck and back pain of various origin.

If you suffer from neck pain, take steps like those below to connect with a professional like Anthony A Virella, MD, and get to the root of the issue

Seek a Treatment Plan. Before you take your spinal care into your own hands, get a treatment plan from an expert. Neck pain is irritating in early stages, but when conditions progress, it can halt your life.

Invest the time and money into visiting an expert like Dr. Virella. From there, you can connect with a physical therapist – if the doctor recommends it – and any other professionals recommended by your physician.

Some patients, for example, obtain amazing results by working with a spine specialist and an acupuncturist. Others find equal results with a specialist and home care. What’s important is that you receive a professional treatment plan and follow it

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Consider Ergonomics. The average patient reporting neck pain spends hours per day on a computer, on a phone or at a desk. Typically, this means that these patients spend those hours with poor posture and poor ergonomics.

Choosing ergonomically-sound chairs, desks, keyboard setups, computer mice and computer screens can do wonders for neck pain. Being mindful of your posture whenever you are using a phone or tablet can also make a big difference in daily pain.

The function of your spine allows you to live your life – don’t put yourself at risk by ignoring it.


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