Anthony A Virella, MD – Understanding Cervical Disc Disease

Anthony A. Virella, MD, is a leading spine surgeon and neurosurgeon who specializes in minimally invasive treatments. He has taught hundreds of medical professionals, written for several medical publications and received national acclaim. Most importantly, though, he has helped countless patients reduce or eliminate pain from issues like cervical disc disease.

Speaking with a specialist like Anthony A. Virella, M.D., about cervical disc disease helps patients get on the healing path.

If you suspect that you are suffering from cervical disc disease or any spine condition, speak with a professional as soon as possible. Your spine allows you to function normally and, without keeping it in good health, you jeopardize your quality of life.

The cervical spine is, in short, your neck. It contains seven vertebrae that are separated and cushioned by cervical discs. These discs are gel-like, and they allow you to turn your head freely while providing stability. Without your cervical discs, your spine would be stiff and immovable.

With daily wear from life, your cervical discs can become worn. As they wear down and degenerate, like a pillow flattening, your vertebrae move closer together. This can pinch nerve roots, make the neck less flexible and, in early stages, cause a stiffening neck in the morning and evening.

Patients suffering from cervical disc disease have a higher risk of disc herniation – when a disc bulges out or breaks open – which puts extreme pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots. Early treatment and care can help you maintain the health of your neck and your ability to lead a normal, healthy life.